Newsletter - March 01, 2021

The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Lenten Greetings!  How is it going?  I hope you are finding yourself faithf

Newsletter - October 01, 2020

The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

October begins the final quarter of 2020! We have begun to have some Autumn weather and my trees started dropping leaves in early September.

Newsletter - September 01, 2020

The Feast of Our Lady, Health of the Sick

It’s September already!  We had a beautiful summer with enough rain to keep my yard growing without ha

Newsletter - January 01, 2020

Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God

Greetings!  I can’t believe I’m writing the January 2020 newsletter already!!!

Newsletter - April 01, 2019

The Feast of St. Sabinus

Greetings! How ready are you for Spring? This year it seemed like Winter was going to hold on for as long as possible.

Newsletter - January 01, 2019

The Feast of St. Lucy

Greetings! We are almost at the end of another year. Can you believe how quickly 2018 has gone by?

Newsletter - October 01, 2018

The Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine

This week is Summer’s last hurrah, we are supposed to have temperatures in the mid90s. We have had some glimpses of Autumn weather and I’m really looking forward to their return.

Newsletter - January 2018

I would like to invite you to our studio/offices in St. Louis on Friday,
December 29th. We will have snacks and something warm to drink and we

Newsletter - January 2018

Winter Greetings! I’m already finished with winter and we are just getting
started, I am definitely not cold tolerant. However, I do like to have one good snow,

Newsletter - August 2017

Greetings!  This summer has been an especially fast one for me.  We are having typically warm weather now and even though we’ve had some days of good rain recently.  It’s surprising how quickly gra

Newsletter - July 2017

Greetings!  Summer has arrived and today we have heat and the threat of storms.  The sky was looking very dark and it seemed we were going to get some serious activity but now it looks as if it mig

Newsletter - June 2017

Greetings!  We are heading in to summer already!  The school year is finished or almost and soon the children will be out celebrating their freedom.  I remember looking forward to those last days o