Greetings! This is it, the December newsletter! We are wrapping up another year, and it has been a very fast one, at least for me. We have had a couple very busy years and we are very grateful that Covenant Network is reaching so many new listeners. Catholic radio is amazingly powerful in assisting souls to hear God’s call.

We will very soon begin Advent. I encourage you to invite others to tune in to Covenant Network for an hour or two each day to help prepare themselves for celebrating Christmas. This time of year can be so busy and many things are competing for our attention, I encourage you to listen to Catholic radio for keeping your focus on preparation before the celebration!

Your support of Covenant Network is what continues to keep Catholic radio live and local. We need your assistance to keep sharing the Faith and bringing more people to hear and heed the Word made Flesh. Remember that Covenant Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible. Please consider making a year-end sacrificial donation.

You will begin hearing special programs and Advent talks this month during the regular program schedule. Covenant Network will begin celebrating Christmas with special programs and music in its proper season.

Please keep Covenant Network in your prayers. We are so very grateful for you! Thank you for listening. Thank you for inviting others to listen. If you need a bumper sticker for your vehicle, please give us a call. Your bumper can help you bring someone home to the Church!

May God bless you! Have a great Advent. Pray with us as we prepare our hearts and minds to make ourselves ready for Him! The St. Andrew Christmas novena begins 11/30. I can send you a copy if you need it.

Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman

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