We are midway through June and it certainly feels like summer has arrived.  The heat and humidity are back.  When I got up this morning we had a little reprieve but by the time I was coming to work it was already building.  I am looking forward to enjoying summer anyway.  We have begun grilling again and I always appreciate how much better food tastes when it is cooked outside!


This is a great time of year to try out our app if you aren’t using it already.  If you are traveling and want to listen to good Catholic programming, open the app and listen.  Once you have it installed it is a quick way to listen anytime anywhere. 


Have you heard any of the new short apologetic shows that we have been airing?  What do you think?  What show is your favorite?  Is there one that you particularly try to listen to everyday?  I hope you will make a point to listen to and participate in our newest program….CateQuiz!  It will be a call- in catechism quiz show.  Deacon Jim Sigillito will be the host and we need you to call in and master the game by answering a set of increasingly difficult questions.  It will be a fun and exciting way to learn the Faith and test your knowledge.  Tune in and/or call in to participate at 314-752-7000 or 877-305-1234 on Thursdays at 3:30!


We need your support.  Your gift helps us continue to bring inspiring, educational, and faithful, faith filled programs to the radio and internet.  Every gift is greatly appreciated.  Summer tends to be a time when donations decrease, please prayerfully consider helping as you are able.


Have a great summer!  Keep Covenant Network in your prayers and let us know if you have any prayer intentions.  We keep you in our prayers. 


Sincerely in Christ,


Teresa M. Holman

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