Happy September, the month of Our Lady of Sorrows.  I am relatively new to praying this devotion and am always very moved when praying it.  This devotion leads ever more deeply to Our Lord as we travel through His life on Earth and all the Blessed Mother endured.  This is a beautiful devotion especially for those who are suffering or near the end of their life.  I find it beautiful as a parent and it deepens even further my devotion to Our Lady. 


September 22 is the beginning of Autumn.  The time of crisp apples and cider, falling leaves and pumpkins.  Living in the Midwest we are usually treated to some spectacular displays of color and it is so wonderful to get out and walk/hike when the temperatures are not so intense. 


Our Fall Radiothon will begin on October 1!  At the rate this year is going, it feels like that will be tomorrow!  I am looking for people to answer the phones!  If you have even a couple hours available please call or email me at teresa@covenantnet.net.  Our phone volunteers usually have a great time answering phones, praying, and visiting.  Why not consider inviting a friend and coming down to the station to help out.  In years past we also had a prayer team here, if you are interested in coming here to pray for the apostolate and those who are supporting Covenant Network please contact me. 


Catholic radio is an excellent resource to help you learn and explain the Faith.  Many people are curious about the Church and will ask you questions if they know you are a practicing Catholic.  As you listen to Catholic radio you are more prepared to answer those questions and help others discover the beauty of the Faith.  Tune in and see what new answers or inspirations you may have to share with others.


Please help support Covenant Network.  Your gift keeps giving.  Donations are tax-deductible, Covenant Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Sincerely in Christ,


Teresa M. Holman

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