The Feast of St. Lawrence O'Toole

Greetings!  We are still in the midst of a big freeze.  We had snow and it has been so cold that it stayed for the week.  When the snow started falling early in the week, my thoughts were that it was so pretty and would be gone in a day.  However, I did not take into account the forecast of unrelenting, freezing temperatures!  Most of the country was in the deep freeze. 

Dr. David Keys will be sharing special insights into Our Lady of Guadalupe from Dec.1st through her Feast day on Dec. 12.  Listen to these special short presentations daily following the rosary at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays and after the 10 a.m. rosary Monday through Saturday.

We ask for your prayers as we are making some decisions about how to best bring you a stronger signal, especially in the St. Louis area, and better programming.  You remain in our prayers too.  Please continue to let us know your prayer intentions.  On December 6 everyone is encouraged to offer a day of fasting, abstinence, and mortification along with praying the rosary and prayers to the Sacred Heart for the Church. 

We are quickly approaching Advent and Christmas.  This year flew by so quickly, I can hardly believe where the time has gone.  If you are able to make an end of the year gift to Covenant Network, we would greatly appreciate your assistance.  For donations to count towards charitable giving for 2019 any cash, check, stock, distributions, etc. must be either delivered to us or postmarked by Dec. 31.  Anyone who made a contribution in 2019 will receive an Annual Statement of Contributions in January of 2020.  We have included an informational flyer about IRAs, please let us know if you have any further questions.

Advent begins on December 1st, the Christmas Novena begins Nov. 30th. We encourage you to make this Advent a penitential season of preparation for Christmas.  The liturgies of Advent are beautiful, try to attend daily Mass as often as you can. The first two weeks highlight Christ’s second coming and the last two focus on Christ’s coming at Christmas.  Keep praying for the Church and our country.  I pray it is one that brings you a greater sense of peace and is filled with His abundant grace. 

Sincerely in Christ

Teresa M. Holman

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