The Feast of the Seven Holy Founders

Greetings!  We are coming around to the end of Winter!  I feel like we had snow more often this year, but not any really bad storms.  As we head into March my thoughts turn to Spring and I’m ready for all the great weather, and getting outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures.  You probably already know that I definitely enjoy this season with all the green emerging but especially the flowers.  I can’t get enough of the Spring flowers, all the tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, lilacs, and peonies which always remind me of Easter.

We are only just beginning our Lenten journey but I am praying for you to have an intimate relationship with the Lord. I hope that you find the time to pray more and to listen to Covenant Network. 

March will bring us the beginning of the Spring Radiothon.  We will begin on Monday, March 30th.  I am looking for volunteers, if you can help, please give me a call or an email at  I need phone volunteers, “runners”, on-air guests, meals and snacks, and lots of prayers!  Please keep Covenant Network and all of our listeners in your prayers. 

We have new stickers that you can put on your bumper or window.  Recently, one of our listeners had a flat tire on the way to the school where she teaches.  As she was trying to figure out what to do, a car pulled over to help her.  The son asked his mom to stop because he saw the Covenant Network bumper sticker and knew it was his teacher.  Let us know what station you listen to and we will get one to you.

We need your support!  Please help us continue to share the Faith with your gifts.  Your support helps bring others to the Faith too, one listener shared this with us, “As a Protestant, I greatly appreciate your radio station.  Two years ago, I started to look at the Church of Rome, and now I am in the RCIA program.”

May God bless you!  Stay focused on your Lenten journey!

Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman

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