Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

Happy Easter!  Since we didn’t get to see our friends, family, and parishioners for Easter, let’s keep sharing the Good News—He is Risen, indeed! 

Nature put on a beautiful show for Easter.  We still had beautiful flowering trees and tender, green leaves on the trees.  Did you wear your Easter best for Holy Mass? It still seems very strange not gathering with family.  I often reflect on St. Clare not being able to attend Midnight Mass at Christmas yet she had a vision of it through the walls of her convent.  We have a similar vision into the Holy Mass with the opportunity to watch live Masses with technology, though certainly not miraculous.  I am most thankful to have that available!

We have had a lot of calls over the past month from people who have been so grateful to listen to the extra Masses and prayers throughout the day.  Daily, at 8 am for as long as we cannot attend Holy Mass, Adam Wright is keeping the Covenant Network family in touch with what’s going on and encouraging us to deepen our spiritual life on Roadmap to Heaven.  He’s had some wonderful interviews with Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, Fr. Christopher Seiler, and many more are scheduled including Archbishop Robert Carlson.  There is even a short version of CateQuiz most days.

Our Spring Radiothon was unusual at best!  All our plans flew out the window as most of the country moved to shelter in place, and we ended up having guests, hosts, and employees working from remote locations (homes).  A lot of technology happened in a flurry as our new engineer began working and implementing everything in rapid order to coordinate all the activity from remote locations!  We are still processing everything as we have had to rely on a very limited staff.  Praying that we won’t have to do that ever again, I missed having everyone here.

We still need your help.  Please if you have not made a pledge or given your support for Catholic radio on Covenant Network, we need you! 

We took many prayer requests during the radiothon, please keep all the Covenant Network listeners and their intentions in your prayers.  Your intentions are included in our daily prayers. 

Christ is Truly Risen!

Teresa M. Holman


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