The Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Summer Greetings!  Do you have any plans for the summer?  If you, like many people, were home much more than you expected recently, vacation sounds like a pretty good idea right now.  Or if you are like me, vacation always sounds like a good idea, I really enjoy traveling and going to new places.  Whether you are going out or not yet, let’s pray that we all stay safe and healthy!

July is the month of the Most Precious Blood.  I just read this quote on my calendar for July by St. Paul of the Cross, “Take the holy crucifix in your hands, kiss its wounds with great love, and ask Him to preach you a sermon.  Listen to what the thorns, the nails, and that Divine Blood say to you.  Oh, what a sermon!”  What a beautiful idea for our prayer this month.  If you carry a rosary in your pocket, say a prayer every time you touch that crucifix for the protection of our Church and country and your personal intentions.

Have you listened to Roadmap to Heaven with Adam Wright?  It’s a great morning program with prayer, inspiring interviews of local and national guests, as more events begin we will be letting you know about what’s happening, weather and the saint of the day with Mike Roberts.  If you know someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary, let us know and we will recognize them on the show.  You can email with their name and the date.  Tune in weekday mornings at 7am Central. 

Please support Covenant Network.  We need donors from all of the cities that Covenant Network radio stations are heard.  Can you help?  You can mail your support, call us, or donate at  Thanks for your help and thanks for listening! 

I hope you have a great Independence Day!  Let’s all pray for our country and for religious freedom.  Please pray the rosary every day.  May God bless and protect the USA!  May the Immaculate Heart of Mary guide us.

Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman

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