The Feast of Our Lady, Health of the Sick

It’s September already!  We had a beautiful summer with enough rain to keep my yard growing without having to water too often, and plenty of opportunities to get outside without it being too stifling hot.  I’m looking forward to the Fall and some slightly cooler weather and more backyard meals from the grill.

How are you?  What have you changed during these last few months?  Have you been called to more prayer, to times of quiet study or reflection, or has life gotten even busier?  Personally, I have been drawn to spend more time in prayer and reflection but with a strong call to keep faithful to adoration, the rosary, Confession, and more silence.  That last one is the most difficult for me! 

Covenant Network wants to help you know, live, and love your Faith better each day.  What programs or prayers are most helpful for you?  Is there a program or prayer time that you try to tune in for every day, or one that you do not like?  I really want to hear from you. 

We will be having our Fall Radiothon the week of October 5 through the 9th.  If you are interested in helping answer phones I could use your help!  Please call or email me at

Could you pray for Covenant Network?  Holy Mass, adoration, rosaries, litanies, ejaculations…whatever you can, please keep the apostolate in your prayers.  This has been a really difficult few months, as it has for almost everyone, but trusting in Him we are relying on your prayer and support.

Are you praying the 54-day rosary novena?  Join us daily at 10 a.m. on air, you can find the rosary on under the Grow tab, or pray it with the App (there are several choices there and more to come.)  September is the month of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, a beautiful devotion.  You can find it online or I can send you a copy if you would like it. 

September 8 is the Blessed Mother’s birthday, the 15th is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, and the 29th is the Feast of Ss. Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael (and the 9th anniversary of WGMR in Effingham.  May God bless you!  Stay in the state of grace!  Please pray for our country. 

Sincerely in Christ,  

Teresa M. Holman

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