Advent Greetings!  This year we begin Advent before December so many store-bought Advent calendars will be a little short.  Do you keep Advent candles on your table and prayer the daily prayers before meals?  I remember as a child we all took turns reading the daily verse, and I always looked forward to getting to take my turn, getting to light the candle(s), and blowing them out.  Little family traditions make beautiful memories. 

We are in the final month of a year that most of us will be happy to close.  I truly can say that I have never prayed and fasted as much in one year as I did this year.  I trust that those prayers will not go unanswered, because we know He will use them for good.  Please keep praying your daily rosary and fasting for our country, asking the Blessed Mother to intercede for us.

I have heard many people are planning to decorate their homes early for Christmas because we need the joy.  I think this is a lovely thought as long as we continue to keep the focus on preparing for the Nativity of the Lord.  Last year a friend decorated her tree with purple and pink lights during Advent and then changed the color for Christmas.  Keep your Christmas decorations up throughout the entire Christmas season this year, at least until Epiphany on January 3 or traditionally the 6th.  Remember the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day. 

Your support of Covenant Network is very important to help us keep sharing the Faith and encouraging people in our community to know, love, and serve the Lord.  We are bringing you local bishops, priests, and faithful to share how we can help make our families and parishes even stronger.  We need to help inspire each other to grow in our holiness and practice of the Faith.  Please help Covenant Network with a special year end charitable donation. 

Finally, I want to wish you a very blessed Advent.  May you have a most blessed and very Merry Christmas.

The Christmas stars at Bethlehem

Shone very clear and bright;

Oh, may they shine with light divine,

For you this Christmas night! -Sr. Madeleva

Merry Christmas!

Teresa M. Holman

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