The Feast of Saint Bernadine of Siena

Greetings!  June seems to be the start of Summer even though it doesn’t officially begin until later in the month.  When I was young we were out of school at the end of May.  June was filled with free time, swimming nearly every day, and since we didn’t have air conditioning spending a lot of time outside with family and friends.   The days were long and life was good.  I was blessed with a wonderful family, a strong Catholic parish in the midst of a predominantly Southern Baptist area, and a peaceful community.  I pray that we can build that type of life again. 


I think the first thing we need to do is to take care of us first, we need to be certain that we get ourselves in good relation with God.  So, prayer and time spent in Adoration, making a good Confession, receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and daily prayer, especially the Holy Rosary, will allow us to stand up and help make this a better place for our children and grandchildren.  Pray for wisdom to know and fortitude to do His Will.


June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  First Friday is the 4th and First Saturday is the 5th followed by Corpus Christi on Sunday the 6th!  What a way to begin the Summer!!  Have you enthroned your family and home to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts?  I encourage you to do it now!  It is a beautiful tradition and will bring your home and family many blessings. 


I hope you will continue to keep Covenant Network tuned in on your radio, mobile and smart speakers, computer or however you prefer to listen.  Personally, I use all of those to listen depending on where I am.  Summer often changes our daily schedules so find a way to keep listening so you can continue to grow and be inspired to live a better day everyday for the Lord. 


Covenant Network is here to help you!  Please let us know what you need to hear.  Let us know how much listening has helped you to stay strong when you needed to hear His voice through Catholic radio.  Remember that we are a listener supported apostolate and your support is what keeps us on the air.  May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you!


Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman

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