Greetings!  Summer has arrived and today we have heat and the threat of storms.  The sky was looking very dark and it seemed we were going to get some serious activity but now it looks as if it might pass us by.  It reminds me of our early days in radio and we were in the path of a tornado while we were at our studios in Glen Carbon, IL.  I prayed the Storm Prayer from the Pieta prayer booklet on air as we tracked the storm with the Emergency Alert System on its path through St. Louis.  Just as they predicted the tornado arrived in Glen Carbon immediately to the north of us and tore through the area between our building and the towers.  Amazingly, we stayed on air, with the tornado slipping between them. 

July is the month of the Precious Blood.  The Precious Blood!  To God be the glory!  What grace we have to be members of His Church!  We are reminded to contemplate on His Precious Blood for this month, to consider His Passion, this most astounding grace that we have the opportunity to receive His Precious Blood at every Mass we attend.  Let us work even more diligently to bring others to the Faith in order that they might also be intimately united to Christ. 

Listening to Catholic radio has been a blessing in my life and I trust it has for you.  For 20 years I have had a companion to help me keep my focus throughout my day, to assist me in prayer, to encourage, inspire, and challenge me.  Catholic radio has been a great gift to my personal and spiritual growth.  I pray that we have twenty more years to continue growing more spiritually and personally.

Please support Covenant Network as we continue to improve.  We are in the process of developing a new website.  We are working to bring you solid Catholic teaching with an inspiring schedule of programs to help you be a better soldier for Christ.  Please help us fulfill our mission to evangelize!  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful summer! 

Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman

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