Greetings!  We are heading in to summer already!  The school year is finished or almost and soon the children will be out celebrating their freedom.  I remember looking forward to those last days of school, turning in our books, washing our desks, and having a school picnic with dreams of spending long days playing with our family and friends.

June is the half way point through the year and it is a good time for us to evaluate our relationship with the Lord.  This month we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity on June 11, Corpus Christi on June 18, and The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on June 23.  Father’s Day is June 18 too, celebrate our dads and priests, our spiritual fathers.   

Are you supporting Covenant Network?  We need your help.  Radio is free to listen to, with a radio and a little electricity, but we need your support to keep these programs on the air.  Covenant Network seeks to feed your heart and soul so that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit to go out and encourage others to come to the Faith with a deep love and longing for Christ and His Church.  Please help us fill the airwaves with Him Who loves us beyond our greatest imaginings.

Covenant Network is based in Missouri, the Show-Me state, supposedly Missourians like proof.  Can you answer those who question your faith?  The longer you listen, the more you will see that you can answer those questions. You soon realize you know and are more comfortable with helping others in our quest for Heaven.

If you are going on vacation this summer, take Covenant Network with you as you travel.  You can listen on the app anywhere in the world. 

I just returned from a talk given by Bishop Edward Rice.  He reminded us all to pray for the family and the Church.  One thing he suggested was to return to the use of sacramentals in our homes.  What’s on your mantel?  Do you have a Sacred and Immaculate Heart image prominently displayed?  Do you have and use holy water fonts?  If you are single or in a large family, let’s take advantage of these signs of our Faith.

Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman

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